Making Gimp look like Photoshop

As a few of my regular readers know, I hate a bright interface so I was looking around how to make GIMP look darker. I found a theme online that looks rather like Photoshop and is much easier on my eyes while doing logo work for and


As you can see, I also use the single window interface as its much easier to work with on the desktop.

To install

  1. Download the theme from here
  2. Copy the “PrudenceDark” folder to C:\Users\Username\.gimp-2.8\themes
  3. Relaunch GIMP

I don’t really understand why GIMP don’t provide a dark theme as default but this is a great way to make it look great, and keep the familiar icons.


One thought on “Making Gimp look like Photoshop

  1. Nice zag,I must have downloaded the same theme pack but I never ended up using it. I use a dark theme for my OS (Arch Linux with a Delorean theme.) Gimp will use your OS colors which is nice to match the rest of your applications.
    One enhancement I did make is to use the small tabs theme that comes with gimp. It help when you have a lot of tabs docked and doesn’t waste as much space.

    Along the lines of the title, I thought this might be a helpful link as well.


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