Renewing an SSL certificate

I recently had to renew one of our 3 year old SSL certificates we use at work for a website. I thought it would be a straight forward invoice from the certification company and they would renew. How wrong could I be…


Once we purchased our renewal, the SSL text was sent via email but it seemed to be a completely new certificate. For some reason when I tried to install the intermediary certificate, then complete the private CRT import inside IIS 7, I kept getting an error:

ASN1 bad tag value met. 0x8009310b

Ahh Microsoft error messages at their best! Basically this error means it cant verify the intermediary certificate against the new private SSL we just purchased. After lots more digging, it basically turned out the private SSL I had double clicked and installed had gone into the Current User/Personal certificates location, rather than the Local Computer/Personal certificates location.

Once I manually moved the certificate into the Local Computer location inside the certificate MMC, it all worked perfectly running the repair command from the cmd prompt. This also automatically imports it into IIS 7 on the main website.

certutil -repairstore my “THUMBPRINT_OF_CERTIFICATE”