Setting up Notepad++ to look like CodeAcademy


I love a good looking IDE and recently came across a nice website called They have a beautiful colour scheme, so I tried to replicate it on my own notepad++ setup. Here’s how…

NotePad++ >> Settings >> Style Configurator >> Style >> Default Style

Now change the default style font (not the global override) to “Courier New”, and to size 12 (or size 14 if you use a 1080p screen). You should now see a nicely spaced font with quite big text.

Lastly we need to apply a new theme to Notepad++. The theme is called “tomorrow_night” and can be downloaded from here:

Simply copy the notepad++ specific XML files into the file explorer url location:



NOTE: This location will depend on your set-up, sometimes it can be in the program files/notepad++ location if you chose that option on install.

Since the theme is available for lots of editors, you can also do this for SublimeText 3.

Happy (beautiful) coding