Customizing Notepad++ to look like Sublime Text 3

I use notepad++ a lot in my work on php code and general text editing. I love the software’s features and how quickly it loads a text file. I’ve also been testing out Sublime text 3 but didn’t quite think it was as good as notepad++ but I loved the visual style they use.

If you want to make notepad++ use a darker theme and the same text colours as sublime text do the following:

Settings >> Style Configurator

1) Select Theme = Monokai
2) Style >> Default Style >> Font Name = Consolas
3) Font Size = 12

Now save and close the window. Restart Notepad++


EDIT: If you want an even more authentic font then you can install this custom TTF file which is a clone of the apple Menlo-Regular developer font.

I personally prefer Consolas though as it works nicely even on remote desktop screens.


7 thoughts on “Customizing Notepad++ to look like Sublime Text 3

  1. Very very good! Big thanks. Thank you very much for writing about this! I prefer Sublime Text 3. Though Notepad++ is excellent on showing all whitespaces and line endings but Sublime Text 3 can show all whitespaces but can’t show line endings as far as I’ve tested with Third Party Packages. Though I’ve not been able to change the line endings for one file in Notepad++ but I can do that in Sublime Text 3.


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